The behind the scenes look at making 29 Gold Stars – Music Video

Coming up with a concept to create a music video for my new single came with a few challenges I wasn’t expecting. My acting career ended with David Hasselhoff and a dog, so I’m not totally confident in what I’m doing. Finding the right director who understood my vision took time and after countless meetings and phone calls I was finally vibing with Armand De Saint-Salvy from 13 & Co and felt he really understood my vision. After working so hard on creating my art through music it is a challenge itself to let it go and put it in the hands of another to visually represent it. The other challenges? …Definitely telling my wife I had to kiss another girl!

Here is a behind the scenes vlog looking at our incredible one take clip, that took over 52 takes to capture! Was so much fun and especially working with such incredibly talented people. X

Crank my latest single “29 Gold Stars” HERE!

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