The second last Q and A of the series features the amazing Brooke McClymont from The McClymonts! Killer singer/ song writer and definitely another example of how family and music go hand in hand. Thanks so much for taking the time Brooke. Legend! x

In an industry where expression collides with business, how do you keep the passion to play/write music alive?

I’m really lucky in the sense that I’m in a band with my sisters, and we’ve been able to over the years find the balance with the business side and also the creative side as well as just being sisters.

Between the three of us, we’re never short of something to write about, and we love playing live, love the recording process as well as writing songs. All those things are exciting and keep the passion alive.

Have you ever come close to leaving music? If so, what prompted it and what inspired you to stay? 

I’ve never once come close to leaving – there have been days on tour that are hard at times for whatever reasons, but it’s never close to not want to do it [anymore].

How do you stay true to your vision, in an industry that is filled with opinion?

It’s really nice to not have to make decisions on my own; it’s reassuring knowing we’ve all got each other’s back and be able to be ourselves creatively and to stay true to ourselves.

This industry is filled with opinion but I assume other industries are the same, and the key for me is knowing who you are and being confident in decisions you make. They won’t all be good ones, but I’d rather have a go than not.

What does the day of a gig right up until stepping on stage look like? 

Not much really! Other than travelling to the gig, I like to just focus on the gig and rest my voice until sound check. Then once that’s done, we have dinner, then we get ready for the show. We don’t have any pre-show rituals – I still get nervous and excited before a gig, I love the rush right before I hit the stage.

What tips do you have in balancing family with music life? 

At the beginning of our career, there was no life balance at all – it was all about our career, and we were all nearly burned out.

As soon as my daughter came along, everything changed for the better. Our families come first for all three of us, we are so respectful of each other’s family and always ask each other before committing to anything or making any decisions. We’ve definitely found the work-life balance now, and it’s amazing how much more we love what we do than before because our families have been considered.

What do you do to stay physically and mentally balanced? (on and off the road if you are a touring artist)

I wish I could say I’m a fitness freak and I work out every day, but I don’t! I have a 5-year-old who keeps me on my toes, my husband who I also work with and play gigs with keeps me sane, we’ve just discovered Netflix.

How do you carry out the roles of a performing artist during times when you’re feeling sub-par? Be it unwell or emotionally unstable. 

It’s not fun! We just have to suck it up and get on with the show, when people have spent their hard earn cash to come and see you, that’s a responsibility we take seriously and treat it with care. So giving them whatever you have in the tank whether you’re not well is just what you have to do.

What epiphany(s) has altered your approach to music/life? 

When I realised I could make a living out of what I love.

Have you ever experienced anxiety/depression/nervousness around a tour? If so, what are (were) the triggers and how do (did) you manage it?

No anxiety or depression, but definitely nervousness. Pulling a tour together is quite stressful, but we have a great team around us who take care of that – and thank god they do!

Can you trace your current successes back to any big risks or leaps? If so, what were they?

To be honest, there’s not any one thing specifically. I feel like every time I performed at the beginning when I was starting out, the people I’d meet would guide me to the next place to sing and from there it snowballed, leading me all over the world.

What is your philosophy on fear? How do you deal with it? 

I stay away from spiders.

If you were to wave a magic wand, how would you like to spend your time in the future?

I’ll be happy if what I’m doing now I am doing it in the future.

Are there any other wisdoms you’d like to share? 

Say yes to most things.


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