Australian Tour has started! – Brass Monkey, Sydney & Smith’s Alternative, Canberra

Only a few years ago I had no intentions of coming back to music, let alone coming back to the stage. To be honest, I couldn’t even leave the house to even get a burger. This is hard for me to admit, most people cannot understand it – once I was kid facing thousands of people in the audience and as an adult, I couldn’t get up in front of 20 people. After dipping my toes back into performing last year, I decided it was time to go back on tour – I looked to my team and said, “Book it!”
Now it’s started and we’re on the road – first up The Brass Monkey in Cronulla supported by Dylan Wright. Tom from The Kava Kings joined me on stage with his trumpet too. Next up was Smiths Alternative in Canberra with Jack Biilman supporting. More great life lessons learned, I can feel myself growing and leaning into the fear more and more with each time I return to the stage.
Thanks for all of the love and support as always.

Crank my latest single “29 Gold Stars” HERE!

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