This weeks Q and A features my favourite female rock voice ever…Baby Animals’ Suzie DeMarchi – Importance of having a good team, managing fatigue and emotional challenges on the road, opinions and expectation, depression/anxiety, parenthood… Massively grateful for taking the time to share Suze. I learnt a tonne! xx

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In an industry where expression collides with business, how do you keep the passion to play/write music alive?

You surround yourself with good business people. The key is to have good people around you, so that you don’t have to worry so much about that stuff.

It’s really good to learn as much as you can of it – it’s hard though when you’re young and people shove contracts in front of you. There’s no way you’re going to know your way around a contract.

When I’ve had success before in the past it’s usually when you’ve got a really good team around you, so you can do your work and they can look after stuff for you. You have to trust people.


Have you ever come close to leaving music? If so, what prompted it and what inspired you to stay? 

Well I did leave for a little while… I don’t think you can ever properly leave because it’s always in you. I’ve done it since I was 17. When I was about 12, I picked up a guitar and I’ve always sung, always had music around. It’s really impossible to give it away – it’s just a part of you and you can’t ever deny it. I think denying it makes you very unhappy.


How do you stay true to your vision, in an industry that is filled with opinion?

I don’t listen to the opinions. If someone’s only contribution to your craft or music is their [negative] opinion it doesn’t have any bearing or any weight at all.

You’ve just got to follow what’s in your gut, what makes you feel on fire. I learnt very early on what wasn’t my thing – pop music really wasn’t my thing, I’m not a solo artist… I love being in a band. I knew that guitar music was my thing, that’s what I loved.



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