Emotional Dependency

Growing up on the road taught me how to find “ground” amongst ever changing situations – eg Sleep, food, people, transport, location, schedules and routines. Those skills created a resilience that had a positive impact in most areas of life for years until I burnt out with anxiety/depression/chronic fatigue (whatever you want to call it). Things all of a sudden had to be a certain way otherwise I would feel paralysingly anxious.

One of my personal goals lately, is to get back to that place where my happiness is less dependent on circumstance. This tour so far has tested me in many ways. Whether it’s gigging on little sleep, travelling in the tour bus for 10 hours, stepping on stage with a tired voice or even partying till the sun calls for sleep. Leaning into these challenges with curious eyes and the willingness to learn helped to put many fears to rest. I smashed it! For every challenge I accept, I feel more and more liberated and grateful. Whilst I know it will take some time to remove stubborn subconscious reactions created from past “traumas”, I know that I am on the right track.
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