Interview – The Osher Gunsberg Podcast

First face to face interview since taking a step back 4 years ago. We talk about everything from my passion to play music, battling Leukemia, playing with artists like B.B.King and Michael Jackson, relationships, mortality, anxiety/depression and everything else. Deepest interview I’ve had. If I would have known earlier that an interview with Osher Gunsberg would be this cathartic, I’d have saved thousands on psych appointments haha! Hopefully the experience I had with Osh translates into an interview worth listening to. Thanks for the love guys!

CLICK HERE to head through to iTunes to download the podcast.

For those who are new to the site, hit up my introduction post and the about tab to understand what inspired this website as well as what’s to come. 


  1. Andrew Tierney10/07/2017

    How was the interview for that Podcast episode?

  2. Tim Oestmann11/07/2017

    Nathan, great discussion with Osher Gunsberg both sides of the conversation with him were the real deal. It translates into a really interview worth listening to. Thanks for sharing your journey so far; blessings for the road ahead to you and your family

  3. Malcolm Gully11/07/2017

    What a great interview it’s still running(up to the gymnastic strength bit) thanks for introducing Oshers podcast too. You sure do have alot to give by sharing your story. This has filled in so many details, and yes you are a writer. Connecting yep, the art flows from there. And getting health back and sharing and it always helps the next person. Thanks Nathan really thankyou. Now ive got to contact Mr Gunsberg and thank him and take a good look at his work too….. connection! And the interview ends……wow!


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